Royalty Rate To The Rescue

Royalty Range To The RescueI often find myself in need of information on licensing agreements for intellectual properties. In my personal life as an inventor and at work, which means I usually end up spending a lot of time sitting in front of a computer looking for risk and asset analysis, royalty rates and detailed information on properties. It would take me hours, sometimes days to get the information I need for a proper licensing agreement. And then I found Royalty Range. provides me with a ton of useful information about European intangible properties as well as going rates for different agreements. This is an invaluable service, allowing me to get just about any IP question I have answered. The best feature by far is the search provisions that let me find the answers I need for my clients, but even better is that they offer you tons of tips on how to find what you’re looking for.

There are a wealth of features that make it easy for me to go back to Royalty Range whenever I need clarification about royalty rates, OECD compliance and license comparisons. I admit that when I first started out in the intellectual property business I wasn’t as informed as I could be. But running to my favorite royalty rate database each time I have a question has helped me learn so much more about royalty rates. Now I feel like an old pro.

I get all the information I need plus I draft licensing agreements that makes me an invaluable asset to my company as well as my clients. The prices are reasonable and so worth it for the time it saves. Now I can spend more time focusing on my clients and less time looking up background information on a particular intangible property and licensing agreements.

By gaining access to a database of royalty rates like Royalty Range, I have a credible method of making sure my company and my clients are not being overcharged just to license intangible property.